We are a design studio based in Alt Maresme (Barcelona) formed by two professionals coming from the illustration, animation, 3D modeling and graphic design sectors. In Musta we define ourselves as illustrated graphics: with tradesmanship, and a thorough understanding of these two disciplines, we combine them, transform them and adapt them to always offer the best result. A unique job paying special attention to concept, expressivity, materials and communication. 





Morad Abselam
Musta co-founder, designer, animator, 3D modeler and illustrator

(Ceuta, 1973) Professional trained in illustration and advertising graphics at Escola Massana, Barcelona, and with a postgraduate degree in Motion Design at BAU Centre Universitari de Disseny de Barcelona. From 2008 he has been working as a freelance designer where he has specialized in packaging and 3D modeling and has managed publishing design projects, stationery and branding.

Romina Martí
Musta co-founder, illustrator, 2D animator and graphic designer

(Tordera, Barcelona, 1984) She was trained in illustration and advertising graphics at Escola Massana in Barcelona. In 2011 she wins the Mercè Llimona Prize in its illustration modality and publishes her first illustrated work, Xamae (Publicacions de l’Abadia de Montserrat, 2011). From then on, she has created illustrations for many advertising and editorial projects, as well as illustrating for children and young audiences. She has recently been specializing in 2D animation, dealing with the creative and technical process of studio animation projects. More info: www.rominamarti.com